Mission Statement

At Encore Music and Art Academy, we offer the highest quality music instruction for both children and adults in the greater San Jose area. We strive to instill a life-long love and appreciation of the arts that will enrich the lives of our students for many years to come.

Our Philosophy

We believe studying music and the arts should be fun and enriching for both children and adults alike. Research shows that children who learn music consistently achieve higher levels of academic success than their classmates, particularly in math and science. Musical education is a vital part of ensuring that your child receives a well rounded education that will help him or her succeed in their future studies and professions. For adults, studies show that studying music helps relieve stress and helps to keep cognitive functions keen. Our faculty is comprised of professional musicians with a wealth of teaching experience and a passion for sharing their knowledge with others.


We offer private and group lessons for a variety of instruments, as well as practice for instrumental ensembles and vocal groups. Lesson's are scheduled after the student has enrolled and paid the registration fee; the registration fee is based on teacher and student availability.

Private Lessons

Piano Violin Cello Flute Clarinet
30 min. $38-$40 $40-$43 $40-$43 $40 $40
45 min. $55-$60 $60-$65 $60-$65 $60 $60
60 min. $80 $80-$90 $80-$90 $80 $80

Group Lessons

Small Groups (2 - 3) Large Groups (4 - 6)
30 min. $22 (per child) -
45 min. $33 (per child) $18 (per child)
60 min. - $22 (per child)

Additional Options

Chamber Music, Youth Orchestra, Music Theory (CM/ABRSM)


Encore Music and Art Academy enrolls students on a monthly basis. Tuition is based on the number of lessons in the month, with each month generally including 4 or 5 lessons.

Registration Fee and Terms: The registration fee is $30 (non-refundable) and is charged once at the time of enrollment. Additional family members may register for a discounted $25.00 per student.

Payment Methods: Encore Music and Art Academy accepts cash or checks for tuition and other student costs. Tuition and fees are payable before the first lesson. Instruction cannot begin until full tuition for the month has been paid. Failure to meet financial obligations will result in lesson suspension or termination without removing the financial liability for monies due.


Discounts: An extra 5% discount is given at signing for additional instruments or students within a family studying at EMAA.

Payments: Tuition received after the due date is subject to a late payment fee of $25.00. Returned checks will be assessed a $25.00 returned check fee. Lessons are scheduled based on student and teacher availability. EMAA reserves the right to transfer a student to another teacher if the assigned teacher becomes unavailable or if the change would be to the student's advantage.

Additional Notes:


Phone: 408.983.0670
Address: 386 S. Clover Ave, San Jose, California